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If you have found a web site with products that appear to be of good quality at reasonable prices, let me know about them. I will check them out and if I like what I see they will be added to this page.

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Member Pages


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General Resources

Stephan's Florilegium Archive sometimes called the Rialto Archive this exhaustive collection of messages is indexed for ease of use and contains information on practically every area of SCA interest.

Cariadoc's Miscellany A superb resource covering many areas with a focus on medieval recipe's.

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One stop shopping
Not sure what you're looking for and want to see a little of everything? Try these links.

Museum Replicas Limited

The Renaissance Store

By The Sword Inc.

Medieval Mayhem

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Combat Links


F/S Discount Archery Just about everything you would ever need for archery at good prices. The best I have found so far.

Tomahawk Another excellent resource for the traditional archer with good prices.

Gavvin's Keep  Currently unavailable - A superb web site well worth the visit. Check out the Archery section under Training Grounds for a wealth of information and lots of useful links.

Stefan's Florilegium: Archery  - A dragons hoard of information on combat and target archery within the SCA.

Stickbow Traditional Archery If you're thinking about making your own traditional bow or wood arrows, hit this site for information on how to do it. Highly recommended.

Hard Suit

By The Sword Inc. check their Armour section for heavy leather and SCA armor.

Anshelm Arms

Mandrake Armouries reasonable prices although for the time being they are not taking custom orders, but their selection of standard items makes this site well worth the look.

The Bladeturner Armory previously known as the Colluphid Armory this is an exceptional resource if you are interested in making your own armor whether it be chainmail, leather or steel.

(the focus of these links are rapiers equipped with Schlager
or Schlager style blades for use in SCA combat)

Zen Warrior Armory  previoulsy known as Triplette Competition Arms. Excellent prices on Schlaeger blades and check out the clothing section for protective fencing undergarments and clothing.

American Fencing Supply a well known and reliable source for your fencing supply needs.

Museum Replicas Limited A part of Atlanta Cutlery, many of the rapiers in these pages can be purchased with Schlager blades.

Rubber Band Guns

Kendal Band Gun Catalog Very nice period style rubber band guns firing surgical tubing, I want a brace of the Royal Pistols so bad I can taste it!

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New Riders of the Golden Age A live jousting group!! They also make and sell clothing designed to hold up to everyday use and the prices are reasonable.

Valentine Armouries Authentic historical reproductions/Custom and fantasy armour. Take a look at their historical clothing.

Museum Replicas Limited something for everybody.

Crimson Gypsy Specializing in medieval, renaissance, gothic and middle eastern clothing for the discriminating Lord or Lady.

Jade Panther's Den good prices on cloaks and what she has listed as peasants clothing.

Tempus Peregrinator's Cloaks Site can be found here and is a good site for those who would like to make their own cloaks.

The Purple Unicorn a nice selection. these are beautiful and considering what you get they are a great price.

The Milieux Costume Site one of the largest sets of links I've seen for online sources for Costumes, Accessories, books, etc.

Bohemond Maker of renaissance footwear

Silvermane nice stuff at reasonable prices.

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Ragweed Forge nice selection of wooden feast gear, also carries goatskin gauntlets that I like for rapier fencing at $18.00 a pair.

Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc although most of the products on their pages are geared towards the 18th and 19th century, they also carry items which are suitable for pre 18th century.

The Pillaged Village check out their wooden and ceramic feastgear.

New Riders of the Golden Age These guys do live jousting!!! Of note to this section go to the Wassail Horns page on their web site for some excellent drinking horns.

Don Lewis Designs Currently undergoing change of ownership. hand crafted and unique tankards.

Medieval Mayhem Pewter and wooden feast gear is only a small part of this company.

Turning Point Woodworks Truly exceptional wooden goblets and steins.

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Graphics pages
for people who wish to make their own web sites bases on a medieval, renaissance or fantasy theme. check out the medieval clip art pages for some nice graphics.

The Clipart Castle another outstanding graphics site.

A Boke of Gode Cookery check out the Medieval Woodcuts Clipart area for a nice collection of woodcut style graphics. This is a nice site by the way and should be explored fully.

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Leather sources
Reasonably priced leather for those of you who wish to make your own leather armour and clothing

The Hide and Leather House I particularly like their selection of split suede in the four to five ounce range.

Brettun's Village Leather nice prices on scrap bundles as well as rivets, buckles, leather working tools etc. They carry full hides as well.

Leather Unlimited everything you need for your leather crafts.

Just another good source for purchasing leather for projects.

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Pavillions and Tents

Panther Primitives Makers of historical tents and pavilions.

Tentsmiths an excellent selection of historical tents.

Dragonwing Medieval Pavilions and Tents

The Current Middle Ages An tir's website with Tons of information on about period encampments. click on Medieval Pavilion Resources.

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