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Archery practice is being held each Sunday at the Casa Grande city range. Currently we have been shooting three Royal Rounds with arrows loosed at 7 am.

As always, guests are welcome and we look forward to seeing you there. In fact, I believe a couple of Lord Edwards feathers may be fletched improperly, perchance if we shave them off for him under the guise of a lucky shot.....

(click on the map button on the left for directions)

Fighter Practice

Rapier and Hard suit practice is held at Lord Macmillan's Keep in Casa Grande on each Monday beginning at 7:00 pm. (Call for confirmation (520) 316-9050. 

We have been focusing mostly on rapier lately as we have had some new gentles who have been attending. So if you come to join us for hard suiting please contact the Knight Marshall ahead of time in order that we might accomadate you.

My helm is currently being used as a paper weight.. it's effective although perhaps a bit pretentious. A couple of good hits on the combat field should knock the dust off of it quite nicely.

(click on the map button on the left for directions)